Announcing SINC

SINC Brings Transformational Projects to Life in Southwest Iowa

Council Bluffs, IA -Southwest Iowa Nonprofit for Collective Impact (SINC) is an Iowa 501(c)(3) that exists to envision, design, and support transformational projects in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa by bringing partners together for collective impact. SINC’s model is to actively engage with regional nonprofits, philanthropists, public agencies, and private entities.

In 2019, Iowa West Foundation Board President, Rick Crowl, recommended establishing a philanthropic entity that supports significant projects in Council Bluffs and southwest Iowa through donor engagement and fundraising.

“Over several years, the Iowa West Foundation studied how successful communities achieved success. Most did it by synching major local nonprofits and benefactors using ‘collective impact’. The Heritage Services organization in Omaha is one of many examples around the country. SINC is modeled after these organizations. It brings together our major local nonprofits and benefactors to pool resources, generate ideas, and complete transformational projects in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa.”, said Crowl.

Upon his retirement from Iowa West Foundation, Pete Tulipana founded SINC with a mission to provide education, financial services, and fundraising assistance to 501(c)(3) entities in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa. Tulipana serves as the President and CEO of SINC under a twelve-member board of directors.

“SINC engages a broader representation of philanthropists to ignite transformation,” said John Nelson, SINC Board Chair. “When we think of these projects as a collective effort, more opportunities become possible.”

Funding for SINC’s operational costs comes from board member contributions and a fundraising fee, reflective of the industry standard.

“The Iowa West Foundation has always sought ways to encourage private residents to support public projects that are important to our community,” said Brenda Mainwaring, President and CEO. “The Southwest Iowa Foundation and the Pottawattamie County Community Foundation were launched with the help of the Iowa West Foundation and have become great resources to help fund local projects. We envision the same future for SINC.”

SINC’s first initiative is River’s Edge Phase Four, a $50 million project on the Council Bluffs riverfront. SINC raised $50 million in private funds, and is currently managing the construction of the project in a partnership with the City of Council Bluffs. The Iowa West Foundation provided the lead gift of $15 million. A complete donor list is on the SINC website.

“Thanks to SINC’s altruism and commitment to Council Bluffs, we are reshaping our riverfront without using tax dollars,” said City of Council Bluffs Mayor Matt Walsh.

SINC’s next initiative is the Council Bluffs Community School District Early Learning Center, a $20 million project which will insure that all four year olds will have access to preschool. In addition, the project will pilot six classrooms for children from 0 to 3.

“An Early Learning Center will allow us to expand important early educational opportunities to more children than ever before, and to provide the important foundational skills for children to be successful in school.” Council Bluffs Superintendent Dr. Vickie Murillo said. “Thanks to the public-private partnerships we are forming with the state and with SINC, this longtime goal can be achieved.”

SINC is working collectively with district officials to secure a lead gift and launch a community-wide giving campaign to fund the Early Learning Center. “Philanthropy and a community’s success go hand-in-hand,” said Tulipana. “A community-wide giving campaign provides our local businesses and residents an opportunity to be part of the collective impact.”

Through its mission-based work, SINC aspires to improve the quality of life in Council Bluffs and southwest Iowa, making it the best place to raise a family and run a business. For more information about SINC, visit

“Anyone can submit an idea for a transformational project on our website,” said Tulipana.” We’re always looking for the next big thing.”