Introducing the SINC logo

Our home, partnerships, and community

Along with our new website, we’ve also been hard at work building the SINC logo and brand. We have large aspirations and thought our logo should reflect that. At SINC, we’re inspired by the state we call home, the organizations that we partner with, and the community that we serve. Our logo encapsulates each of these elements.

Our home

Iowa has a long history of work ethic and community. While driving through the state, you can’t help but get lost in the sea of fields that breathe life into our state and the country. A field and a crop within it, is symbolic of the seed we want to plant as an organization. One that gives back to the home we love. This is represented by the growing plant that our logo is centered around.

Our partnerships

We aspire to work on transformational projects. Projects that we know we can’t bring to life alone. This is why we’re working with other amazing organizations across our community. To make a real impact on education, healthcare, human services, community and economic development, we have to dream bigger than just ourselves. Our partnerships are represented by the enclosed oval that serves as our organization’s and logo’s foundation. 

Our community

We exist to serve our incredible community. We want to make Southwest Iowa and Council Bluffs the best place to raise a family or run a business – in turn improving the quality of life for the people of our community. We know this isn’t an easy task and it will take time, commitment, and bold ideas. But we believe our vision, along with the partnership of other organizations, will grow into real change for our community. Our mission coming to fruition and making a positive impact on our community is represented by our logo growing into a heart.